The singer is in mourning, she just lost a loved one

By Alexis Stegman

Beyonce recently lost her uncle Martin Buins at the age of 77. A terrible loss for the singer’s family.

Beyonce lost her uncle at the age of 77Beyonce lost her uncle at the age of 77

A terrible news has just come for singer Beyonce. In fact, His uncle died at the age of 77, The sad news was announced on Instagram this Monday, February 26. And this, by Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother and sister of the deceased. Many tributes have been paid to the singer who recently celebrated her 42nd birthday, helping to support her through the terrible ordeal. But that’s not all, because many of the singer’s fans provide support to her family. A unique gesture, and many more tributes, Allowing us to face this terrible trial with greater humility.

a unique singer

The woman who replaced Lady Gaga in a famous movie is one of the biggest names in music in the world. The latter remains a hit. And this has been the case since the beginning of his career. It must be said that she knew how to share many songs that have been remembered by many generations. Millions of fans are gathering, Its success is undeniable. but his personal life is very confidential, Beyonce does not want to reveal this. However, it did so recently by revealing some terrible news. In fact, Singer’s uncle dies at 77, Terrible news for Beyoncé and her family.

Sad news for Beyonce

Singer Beyoncé recently lost her uncle at the age of 77. An announcement made on social networks. And especially on Instagram, by the singer’s mother, Tina Knowles. Therefore, Martin Buinsey, better known as butch, was Beyoncé’s favorite uncle. The deceased’s mother and sister shared a photo of him in military uniform on their Instagram account. And in the description, she adds this: “He loved riding motorcycles and was a black belt in karate, Subsequently, Beyoncé’s mother said that she had the most beautiful green eyes. A terrible demise for the singer’s family, especially understanding the role that he had in his family,

virtuous person

By revealing the news on Instagram, Beyoncé’s mother revealed other elements about her younger brother’s life. He highlighted the latter’s influence on his life. Allowing us to understand the role played by the latter. And that includes Beyoncé.

Next, she discusses the way Of which he managed to enthrall the audience with many of his stories., Therefore, it highlights His talent as a storyteller, A role that Beyoncé certainly loved in her youth. In the rest of her message, she adds: “I will miss him a lot”, reflecting his deep sorrow. For her part, Beyoncé has not yet spoken out on the subject. But she will definitely do this in the song.

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