The story of the Colombian who allegedly stole over a million dollars of cryptocurrency from a well-known American company.

Jaime Andrés Buitrago Ruiz is accused of allegedly seizing $1,259,901 who was in charge of a US company dedicated to the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

This individual was a minority partner and head of liquidity in the foreign company. Apparently, he took advantage of this dual situation and made 80 transfers to his virtual wallet and personal accounts between May 27, 2021 and March 22, 2023.

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that way, This would have affected the company he worked for and had illegally kept the money Which was handed over to him by many customers.

So things are, Buitrago Ruiz was captured by CTI officers of the Prosecutor’s OfficeWith the support of Dizin of the National Police in Armenia (Quindio).

moreover, A search and seizure procedure was carried out in BogotaWhere evidence elements highly relevant to the development of the investigation were collected.

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Due to these facts, a prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Computer Crime, in accordance with the parameters defined in the summary special criminal procedure, indicted him for the crimes of abusive access to computer systems and non-consensual transfer of property.

However, the defendant did not plead guilty to the charges and by order of the Guarantee Control Judge, Security measures will have to be followed in the jail establishment.


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