The US Navy’s new Geral R. Ford is preparing to purchase more EMALS electromagnetic catapults for aircraft carriers.

Through an official notification from Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), The United States Navy (US Navy) launched its new Gerald R. Reported need to procure new EMALS electromagnetic catapult system and AAG recovery system for Ford-class aircraft carriers., Although no further details were provided, the purpose of this requirement would be to acquire these systems for the future ships CVN-82, CVN-83 and the future aircraft carrier “PANG” of the French National Navy.

Gerald R. The Ford class is the next generation of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers of the United States Navy. Destined to replace the Nimitz class units in the coming decades, the ships feature new technologies for aircraft takeoff and recovery. More precisely, electromagnetic catapult systems, called EMALS, and AAG aircraft recovery systems, which replace conventional steam catapults.

In its official notification NAVAIR indicated that: “Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is seeking qualified commercial companies to produce up to three (3) quantities of Advanced Arresting Equipment (AAG) and up to three (3) quantities of Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) in support of the U.S. Can. CVN 82, future French carrier and potentially US CVN 83,

Add: “Supplies and services procured through contract operations include manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing, delivery, warehousing, installation, verification of parts, and EMALS and AAG shipping assembly and related general management of schedule updates, schedule updates, and technical data. Support and certification included. Update,

As the notification indicates, the system is aimed at the fifth and sixth Geral R. The Ford-class aircraft carriers, CVN-82 ​​and CVN-83, ​​will be equipped. Currently, the lead ship of the class is operating in service with the United States Navy; While the second unit awaits delivery and commissioning, designated John F. Kennedy CVN-79. third and fourth aircraft carriers, enterprise And doris millerThey are in various stages of construction and completion, with their entry into service projected in 2028 and 2032, respectively.

Finally, and focusing on the future aircraft carrier “Pang” of the French National Navy, the French Government confirmed its intention to equip this future unit with electromagnetic launch systems. This is evident from the authorization issued by the State Department in December 2021, which authorized the sale of these systems to equip future French nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The total amount of the operation reaches US$1,321 million; It consists of an EMALS system, configuration for two launchers, an AAG system and three engines.,

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