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The press covering the team criticized the Venezuelan coach for his attitude. Is there any reason to be angry?

Cesar Farias, coach of America de Cali.
picture: Juan Pablo Rueda | Time

América de Cali is one of the big football teams of Colombia that is going through a crisis of results in the BetPlay I-2024 League. The Scarlets team has 9 points from 9 games with 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.

The one mentioned is coach Cesar Farias, because he has not been able to consolidate an idea since taking over as Scarlets coach. Thus, the Cali press questions his methods, criticizes his performance and even speculates on a possible replacement in case of a premature departure.

The tension in the American environment is so high that this Thursday there was an argument between Farias and journalist David Gonzalez (JM Deportes), when the reporter questioned the playing status of Jedre Quiñones.

When the questioning began, Farias called on Quiñones, who was nearby, to help answer, in an attitude that the local press found insulting.

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“Last season we saw the player in his normal position, as a left winger…” said the journalist, who was interrupted by Farias to answer, who was supported by Jader Quiñones: “Let’s not misinformation Give,” the coach commented.

“Did you play as a left winger or as an interior player?” Farias asked his coach, who replied that he played as an interior player, not as a winger as the journalist had claimed.

“We are telling people something that is not true (…) It feels insulting to me that every time they come (to ask), I have to answer something like they didn’t even play the last game… If I have to explain it at every press conference, I feel like they’re disrespecting me too,” Farias responded, somewhat annoyed.

Another reporter expressed his irritation at another reaction Farias had to a co-worker. The truth is that America will have to get a good result this Saturday, March 2, when they visit Deportivo Pereira on matchday 10 of League I.


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