These are 5 habits to delay aging and stay healthy at any age, as told by a longevity expert. Health magazine

People are looking for ways to live longer and better lives, which is why it’s important to adopt habits that help delay aging and increase longevity.

About this, Serena PoonCo-President of Fully Aligned Company, a longevity specialist company, assures that it is never too late to change your lifestyle and incorporate routines that allow you to live longer.

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Poon is an expert in anti-aging, which is why she offers through Telva magazine some recommendations on habits that contribute to a person’s well-being as time goes on.

Habits that delay aging

Poon’s experience with the subject of longevity and aging led him to determine what habits could be adopted at any age for better well-being.

1. Experience new things every day

In Poon’s words, “Learning a new skill is a way to improve your neuroplasticity,” that is, to exercise your brain and stay young. Be it learning a new language, traveling or trying new food, it helps you live longer.

Doing activities like learning a new language helps the brain and delays aging. Photo: Pixabay.

2. Practice aerobic activity

As cited, adding mobility to the body with long walks and aerobic activities can reduce mortality rates in addition to reducing the risk of diseases such as dementia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and frailty. Telva, Practicing exercise also has antidepressant effects.

Exercising reduces the risk of diseases. Photo: Freepik.

3. Reduce stress

Serena Poon recommends a specific exercise to reduce stress. This is the 4-4-4 breathing method that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

It is practiced keeping in mind that you inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and finally exhale for 4 seconds through the mouth.

Following a rhythm with breathing exercises helps deal with stress and anxiety. Photo: Freepik

4. Prepare delicious dishes from vegetables

Regarding the nutritional issue, according to the expert, eating a balanced plant-based diet improves the health of organs, hormonal balance and brain.

Most scientists and nutritionists agree that “eating a plant-based diet leads to a longer, healthier life,” says Serena Poon.

A balanced diet, but especially one rich in vegetables, is beneficial for health. Photo: Pixabay.

5. Practice intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is trending among celebrities and in general because this type of restricted eating improves health, as Poon explains.

Following this method not only benefits physical health but also purifies the mind and hence increases life expectancy, as explained in Telva,

Intermittent fasting not only purifies the body but also the mind and affects longevity. Photo: Freepik.

Other habits that experts cite for prolonging life include fostering interpersonal relationships, meditating in the morning to reduce oxidative stress, and connecting with a cause or something you are passionate about, i.e. having a sense of purpose in life. Involves having feelings.


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