These are the houses that Amazon sells for 26 thousand dollars

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is loved by millions of users due to its vast variety of offers.

Thanks to this, customers can buy from the most unexpected products to the most basic and traditional. In fact, when we say “anything” we can also refer to a house.

Additionally, the current housing situation in the country is no secret, where buying a home is becoming increasingly expensive.

buy a house on amazon

I assure you that you are not misreading. In recent times, Amazon has dedicated itself to entering the real estate market with the sale of homes.

Therefore, the number of people (especially young people) looking for other accessible options to live a life is increasing every day.

Well, among the most popular, prefabricated houses have become very fashionable, and this is where Amazon comes in.

According to some Internet users on the social network, homes promoted on the platform can cost up to $26,000.00 USD.

However, if we analyze the price of a house in the United States, it is around $400,000.00 USD. Therefore, Amazon’s offers look attractive, even if the homes have special features.

We are talking about a structure that comes packed in a super box and requires assembling practically nothing. This happens because they are expandable houses, and when you open it you only need to move parts of it and open it.

In such a situation, user Jeff Bryant @hittaa_jeff has recently shared some videos through TikTok, where you can see his new house.

“I’m 23 years old and I just bought a house on Amazon. The original price of the house was $24,000.00 USD, but after taxes everything came to $26,000.00 USD,” the Internet user commented.

The user also noted that the home is described on the forum as a “Cherry Industrial Expandable Prefabricated” home. Furthermore, as per the description, it has a kitchen, shower and toilet.

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