UNLP expands the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine and plans an expansion in Los Hornos

UNLP Progress is being made with the expansion on the roof of the Central Building of school of medicineis located in the so-called Eastern Forest Group from the city. The proposal seeks to respond to the high demand of the Faculty’s various degree programs and administrative areas with new and adequate physical spaces.

Function, which will add a new surface covered 656.60 m2to expand the central building of that academic unit through the construction of fifth floor on its current roof,

In this framework, the Academic Vice President of the University, Fernando Taubermet the dean Juan Angel Basuldo To evaluate the progress of the project which will allow adding a second floor to the building complex.

,Our strategic plan defines the objectives, programmes, projects and actions to be followed for the future., Infrastructure planning does not escape this projection; All this planning is also a reflection of an institutional political project that allows the public university to think about the steps and scenarios that might best develop,” Tauber commented.

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Officials visited the expansion works of the building located in the heart of La Plata Forest.

He already said: “We know that, because of their quality and reputation, the courses at our Faculty of Medical Sciences are among the most in demand in the country and the region. For this reason, in order to continue offering quality academic training to our students, it is necessary to adapt the infrastructure of the building to optimize the conditions of courses, workshops and laboratory practices.,

Work in the Faculty of Medicine

professionals of Secretariat of Plans, Works and Services of UNLP He explained that since it is an intervention on pre-existence, the work is interpolated Its technical solution is through dry construction system with metal main structure and steel frame type envelope., Whereas, in the organizational aspect, the extension reproduces the typological logic of the lower floors of the building, arranging the sequence of the front premises towards 60th Avenue, connected by a large structural corridor.

In turn, the work included the extension of the lift route to the existing roof, which was now unused, in order to guarantee universal access to the incorporated area.

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UNLP Vice President, Fernando Tauber, with officials of the Faculty of Medicine.

For Dean Basualdo”The extension work will result in greater and better use of physical space and, as a result, will allow us to improve curriculum conditions for our students and our teachers.,

a new building in the oven

In addition, UNLP is working on a new building construction project that aims to house Degree in Nutrition and Obstetrics from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Which will be located in a sector of the Gambier Railway property located in Los Hornos, which has recently been transferred to UNLP to establish the Academic and Knowledge Industry Headquarters. The total area of ​​work will be 2,500 square metres.

Medicine Unlp Cover.jpg

A projection of what will be the new building of the Faculty of Medicine in Los Hornos

The new building, in its first phase, will have a battery of classrooms, cabinets, a bar and dining room for students and teachers, administrative offices and related support and service areas, which will respond to the demand of being able to teach courses. In a decentralized location, bringing educational activity closer to the community and working to activate an area of ​​the city that is highly degraded today.

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