These are the reasons why I’m considering uninstalling WhatsApp from my iPhone

Although WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications at the moment, it has never stood out for its interest in security. In recent weeks I have received a higher amount of spam on the app than I normally receive and it has made me consider deleting the app from my iPhone.

Although the usefulness of WhatsApp for communicating with friends and loved ones is undeniable, the reality is that this application can also be a gateway to unwanted content. Below we analyze spam messages on WhatsApp and how we can protect ourselves from them.

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With over two billion active users per month, WhatsApp It is the most used messaging application around the world. Although it was initially designed as a secure application for communication between family, friends and companies, its reputation has been compromised due to the increasing wave of frauds in the application such as messages unsolicited emailWhich leads users like me to question the security of the platform and even consider deleting WhatsApp from my iPhone.

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Is WhatsApp safe?

Despite having security and privacy features like end-to-end encryption, disappearing messages, and two-step verification, WhatsApp It is not without risk. Even with these built-in security measures, users should exercise caution, especially when they receive unexpected or unwanted messages that may be scam attempts.

Common Scam Strategies on WhatsApp

Lloyds Bank’s 2022 report shows a worrying 2000% increase in incidents of phishing scams WhatsApp, strategy of phishingFor example, fraud is evolving and scammers are developing more sophisticated methods to defraud their victims. Some of the most frequently occurring scams are:

  • impersonation scams: In this type of scam, the criminals pose as a loved one in need of help, and usually request immediate financial assistance.
  • verification scamsAnother very common type of scam is to attempt to access a user’s other accounts using WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature, tricking users into sharing a verification code they did not actually request.
  • whatsapp gold scam– They promise access to a special version of WhatsApp with advanced features, but the invitation link is included malware And also, this version of WhatsApp does not exist.

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How to protect yourself from scams on WhatsApp?

Although no one is completely safe from falling into these traps, there are some steps users can take to protect themselves. Below we show you what some of them are:

  1. two-factor authentication– Enabling this feature adds an extra layer of security to your accounts.
  2. don’t trust yourself too much: Be wary of unexpected messages, especially those requesting money or personal information.
  3. Identity Verification: If you doubt the authenticity of the person sending the message, ask specific questions or propose a video call to confirm their identity.
  4. Avoid clicking on suspicious links– Do not click on links from unknown people, as they may contain malicious software. Sometimes it’s even better to delete the message before it reaches you if you already know from its form that it is spam.


What to do if you are a victim of a scam?

If you think you have fallen into a trap or you know that a message you have received is a scam, it is important that you take the following measures:

  1. Report Scam: WhatsApp offers the option to report suspicious activities directly from the application.
  2. block sender– This prevents the scammer from contacting you again. At least temporarily.

WhatsApp’s global popularity makes it an attractive target for scammers who want the maximum possible reach. The ease with which users can be contacted, simply by knowing their phone number, facilitates the mass distribution of scam attempts. scam. As an iPhone user, I have always loved using iMessage one of two Signal Before WhatsApp. However, because there are still many people in my environment who continue to use this application, it is difficult for me to completely disconnect from it. Nevertheless, and due to the large number of spam messages I have received in recent weeks, I am still considering uninstalling WhatsApp from my iPhone.

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