These comfortable and non-slip slippers will make you never want to wear other shoes and they only cost $132 pesos

Non Slip Slipper for Women and Men

Non-slip slippers for women and men. (Photo: Amazon)

We all want to stay comfortable at home; Basically when we come home from work the first thing we do is throw away the shoes we have been wearing all day long and wear something that makes us comfortable like some slippers that give impressive comfort to our feet. Are.

And we found that these meet all the requirements to become your favorite at home for those moments when all we have to worry about is our relaxation. Apart from this, there are many colors that match our personality, which pair will you choose?

You no longer have to worry about staying comfortable at home, at the beach or on casual outings. This sandal sandal is a true pleasure, as its thick sole or platform provides comfort to your feet which will actually relax you to an extent that it will be difficult to wear other shoes.

Non Slip Slipper for Women and MenNon Slip Slipper for Women and Men

Non-slip slippers for women and men. (Photo: Amazon)

What makes these slippers so comfortable?

This is all because the 4 cm thick sole provides maximum support to your feet and they also have cushioned support that will provide you with protection step by step, this way you can do your activities without feeling stiff or tired while relaxing . It is not only supportive but also absorbs impacts so that your body does not get stressed.

Additionally, with its “strap” that holds the foot (which is unique on the market because it is large and grips the foot for a perfect fit) it is raised slightly 15°, which helps balance the pressure. Is adjusted for.

It has a simple ergonomic design, but is suitable and works for both men and women.

A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones

If you want someone to admire you for the rest of your days, get them a pair of these slippers, which, by the way, are washable and elastic, so when you bend or turn your foot, they work for you. And don’t do the opposite. They’re anti-slip, waterproof, lightweight and you can wash them.

In short, they really are all-terrain and this is a shoe you’ll happily pay price for.

Users give their opinion

The advice given by its more than 3 thousand consumers is that from time to time (and even more if you have used them on the beach or simply got them wet) you put them in the sun for a while so that Let them dry up. You should use them when they are completely dry, this will avoid foul odor caused by moisture that can accumulate due to their waterproof system.

Another tip is to order a size larger than what you regularly wear so that they are looser or if you use them with some type of stockings or socks.

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