They announce a change in the distribution of the Cuban beer Parranda and defend its quality: “It is unique and versatile”.

Following the recall of several batches of the Cuban beer Parranda, a brewmaster defends the quality of the product and new distribution strategies are announced.

A press team from the national press in Cuba recently visited Cervecería Cubana SA, Latin America’s most modern factory and producer of Parranda beer.

This beer, which is currently the cheapest sold in Cuba, is appreciated by all Cubans, saying To inform From Cuban News Agency.

As it is known, recently, the brewery had to recall some batches of beer from the market. In response to this situation, Cerveceria Cubana and Paranda are redesigning their distribution strategy.

The basic idea is to ensure that the beer is stored for the shortest possible time to ensure its freshness. To do this, they are implementing a new commercial strategy with several logistics operators throughout Cuba, guaranteeing that the beer reaches stores directly.

Parranda Beer

According to official data from its institutional Facebook page, the factory has a production capacity of 150 million liters of beer per year and the packaging line can complete 18,000 500 ml bottles every hour.

Brewmaster José María Zapatero highlighted the quality, freshness, flavor and other qualities of Parranda beer, describing it as a unique and versatile beer.

“In my opinion Parranda is a unique beer, when we were creating its recipe we looked at what beers were on the market, what we wanted to achieve, we wanted it to be a refreshing beer, which can be enjoyed in the sunshine, It can be drunk in the summer, but we also want it to be a versatile beer,” he said.

According to the information provided, strategies have been established to avoid long storage periods taking into account Cuban climatic conditions.

With these measures, Cervecería Cubana SA hopes to improve the quality of Paranda beer and guarantee that customers will always consume fresh beer.

New business strategy for Parranda beer in Cuba

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