“Those who attack us have no idea what communism is”

President Javier Miley’s statements caused a diplomatic crisis between Colombia and Argentina. In which he directly attacked President Gustavo Petro, calling him a “killer communist”.,

This situation prompted the national government to summon Camilo Romero, Colombia’s ambassador to Argentina, for consultations in response to what Miley reported.

Regarding this tense situation, the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, responded to Miley’s attacks with the regional agenda that he is developing in the Colombian Pacific, but he did not mention it directly.

“They attack us as communists, as socialists, that the state owns the means of production. Of course, those who attack us do not know what communism is and what socialism is,” Petro said.

And he added: “By the way, let me inform you: Socialism is the mode of production through which the state owns the means of production, period. Well, that’s not what we’re looking for.”

President Gustavo Petro

President Gustavo Petro , picture: Presidency

“We believe and want that the means of production should be in the hands of the people and not in the hands of the state. That’s why the port should be a concession to the cooperatives of people who do fishing and that’s why the dock in Buenaventura should belong to the real cooperatives of the fishermen of Buenaventura, not to the fake cooperative members who are behind it. Are with the mafia. They pretend to be cooperative members to maintain the port. No, we do not accept this in this government,” the head of state stressed.

Gustavo Bolivar was face to face with Javier Miley

Gustavo Bolivar was face to face with Javier Miley. , picture: @Patricia Geniot/You Tube – Gustavo Bolivar

In conversation with Colombian-born journalist Angela Patricia Zeniot, Argentinian President Javier Mellí defined the Colombian president as a “killer communist” who is harming the country.,

“The killer communist who is sinking Colombia”, The President said this when asked by a journalist about his opinion on various international leaders and other former Argentinian leaders.

The President discussed economic matters and a range of topics on his visit to Davos

The President discussed economic matters and a range of topics on his visit to Davos. , picture: YouTube/Javier Miley: Where is Argentina going?/@Patricia Geniot

The president also described former President Donald Trump as “one of the leaders of freedom against global socialism.”

At one point in the interview, The journalist made a kind of proposal to him ping pong with quick questions In which the President had to describe various personalities of national and international politics.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her mandate was defined as “The foundation of Argentina’s collapse”, and her husband, Néstor Kirchner, believed that this was the beginning of Argentina’s worst collapse.,

In international affairs, the President called his Chilean counterpart Gabriel Boric “a man with bad ideas” and He concluded by describing Nayib Bukele as “a man who, despite adverse circumstances, managed to deliver his government programme”.,

The President said that one of his main fears

Miley also mentioned President Nayib Bukele. Photo: Alex Pena/Getty Images. , picture: getty images

Miley referred to her presentation and confirmed that the world understood it, but not everyone in Argentina saw it because of “jealousy”. “The basis of socialist ideas exists in various forms in the world This translates into a set of economic policy measures that, far from contributing to general welfare, will make the West worse off.“, Said.

The President said he went to Davos to denounce the 2030 Agenda as a socialist agenda The intentions are great, but policies are not evaluated until they have results.,

Nariño Palace Casa de Nariño Presidential Palace Presidency of the Republic of Colombia Bogota August 18, 2022 Photo Guillermo Torres Reina / Semana

Nariño Palace , picture: Guillermo Torres/week

The President also referred to the national strike that was called in his country against his reforms and other requests of the unions. Miley said that this strike has nothing to do with the legitimate claims of the workers.

Xavier Miley tells Patricia Geniot that, with respect to omnibus legislation, about 1,000 reforms could be blocked in Congress, The President is not willing to negotiate on anything and instead, he will make changes and improvements to articles that may have been rejected and will come later. “Freedom is non-negotiable”he insisted.

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