They capture a “hot” couple on the Malecón in Havana

A Cuban couple I got hot havana malecon and went away caught red handed By a hidden camera which recorded him performing the act on a public street.

The boardwalk has always been a place for thrills but this couple’s film went too far and would have to be placed in the “sex, violence and adult language” category.

The video was shared by the influencer Michelito is giving titsWho left a brief comment on his social networks, without mentioning the internal details of the case.

,Maybe it’s not what you think. I have my doubts about this video, but if it happens, I’ll leave them in stories, lest Instagram get the same,” he warned.

Many people have reacted to the video and left possible versions of the paranormal events.

Hypotheses from Internet users include the possibility that it was “a breathalyzer test”; “Sewing a Button”, that the young woman is “tired of walking and is resting”; Or the most obvious: “Rent is expensive in Havana.”

Many people have studied this situation more seriously, remembering that there are certain social norms that must be met in public places. He expressed concern because “we are moving towards the age of caves in Cuba.”

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