They detect an unexplained signal coming from outside our galaxy

Analyzing data from a NASA telescope, scientists found a signal coming from outside the galaxy. Still no explanation.

A “completely coincidental” discovery, as he explains. Alexander Kashlinskycosmologist of University of Maryland and Goddard Space Flight Center potAstronomers from the American Space Agency reached here. This happened while analyzing data from 13 years of the Fermi gamma ray space telescope, Thus, they came to know an inexplicable thing signal originating outside the galaxyOur galaxy.

The research, which was recently published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, was presented 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society In New Orleans, which was held in that American city from January 7 to 11 this year.

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According to a statement from potScientists were looking for a feature of gamma rays Relating to the first light of the universe. This original expression is called CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background),

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Putting their hands on the project, researchers united 13 years of Fermi gamma-ray observations Above about 3 billion electron volts. They therefore removed all resolved and identified sources as well as the central plane of the galaxy to analyze the extragalactic background of the above rays.

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“We found a gamma ray dipole, but its peak is located in the southern sky, far away from the CMB, and its magnitude is 10 times greater than expected from our motion,” explains Chris Schrader in the statement. -Author and astronomer at the Catholic University of America in Washington and Goddard. “Although this is not what we were looking for, we suspect it may be related to a similar feature recorded in high energy cosmic rays.”

According to the authors of the research, astronomers, it is very likely that both Event Are Connected, However, still More research is needed To determine whether this hypothesis is correct.

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