They found a trench full of bones in the Columbus Cemetery in Havana

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Monday 12 February 2024

A trench filled with bones was found outside the Columbus Cemetery in Havana.

The person who shared the complaint on social networks expressed regret over the situation, spreading the shocking image.

“And meanwhile in the Colón cemetery … this way most of the Cubans will be lying on the floor,” he lamented.

This person said in the comments section, “I don’t know, I found that in the cemetery and well, what they say here is what their family doesn’t claim at 2 years old.”


After the complaint, dozens of users expressed their views. “Brother, this is what I have seen. This is very high, without words. Someone asked, “Are you sure this isn’t in Uganda or Ukraine?”

“That’s why, when I was 2 years old, I dug up my mother’s grave and threw her remains into the sea, which certainly would not be useful there for witchcraft or any invention”; Others said, “You can’t even live in peace in this country anymore.”

“I don’t know what nonsense it is, to be able to cremate your relative you have to pay 15,000 pesos for number 2 and even then they can solve it”; “This is the strangest thing I have seen today. It pains my chest to imagine that one of my relatives could end up like this, without even a dignified death,” other internet users indicated.

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