They identify a body found in the Guayama River in Pinar del Río province, Cuba

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Saturday 13 January 2024

The discovery of a highly decomposed body in the Guamá River in Pinar del Río province shocked local residents.

On this day it was discovered that it was Eliécer Ledesma Mireles, a 37-year-old young man who had been absent from his home since last January 4.

In the past few hours, a video has emerged in which a group of people watch from a distance the criminal investigation and the conduct of police officers after the horrific discovery.

At first, the reaction on social networks was one of fear as it was yet another violent incident reported daily in the country; However, Cuban activists and independent media confirm that the expert’s opinion was suicide.

Cuban Eliécer Ledesma disappeared on January 4 after visiting his father at the provincial hospital where he was admitted, with no information available after that.

An anonymous source informed the CyberCuba platform that Ledesma was “suffering from mental problems”, in addition to the condition of his hospitalized father.

The source confirmed the criminalistics information.

“Since January 4, when he set out to meet them, nothing was heard about him until yesterday when they found him… He threw himself into the river, he was missing for eight days. That’s why he was in such a bad state of decomposition,” he stressed.

According to the report, Eliécer Ledesma worked in the maintenance brigade of the Modesto Gómez Rubio Hospital, located in the municipality of San Juan y Martínez.

After her disappearance, some family and friends posted an image on social networks and asked for help to find her. There were no other clues until the tragic outcome.

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