They kidnapped a Venezuelan citizen in broad daylight to collect a debt in Chile


The two subjects, having the initials LFBR and EAU, of Dominican nationality, allegedly stopped a Venezuelan national on Flamenco Street along Pasaje Laguna Santa Rosa in the San Carlos Forest in Tierras Blancas, Coquimbo region of Chile, last Thursday.

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Both defendants allegedly attacked the victim with their feet and fists and, under threat of firearms, forced him to get into a Mazda vehicle, and traveled with them to various locations on the continent while demanding payment of a debt. Kidnapped to do. As a condition for his release.

The victim may have called a third party via WhatsApp to request help and after the call he told his captors that they would be waiting for him with the money at the Tierras Blancas sub-police station. Upon arriving at the scene, they found Carabineros who detained them and regained the victim’s freedom.

“According to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, both subjects were placed in preventive detention for reasons of threat to the security of society,” said Eduardo Yáñez, chief prosecutor of the Criminal Analysis and Investigative Focus, which works with the crime team. Organized Homicide (ECOH). Meanwhile, the Guarantee Court gave 30 days time to complete the investigation.

This kidnapping is one of several criminal acts of high social importance that have frightened the inhabitants of the La Serena-Coquimbo suburb and the entire region, given its growth in an area that was characterized by its tranquility.

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