“They Look Like Twins”: Kylie Jenner Reimagines Her Mom’s Signature Short Cut

Heavy blow-drying, XXL extensions, the wavy, wet look… Kylie Jenner has made her long black locks her hair signature. Therefore, as soon as there is a small change in the latter, internet users become alert.

The latest one? An ultra short cut, which undoubtedly reminds her of her mother, Kris Jenner. A new hairstyle that’s daring to say the least, as the 26-year-old young mother rarely shows off her short hair.

Kris Jenner’s short haircut as inspiration

Kylie Jenner revealed her hair change to her 400 million subscribers on her Instagram account. In the photo, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister wears a short bob that ends just below the ears, with a few strands covering her forehead. Her mother Kris Jenner’s signature cut has been given a more modern take, which is slightly shorter.

As if to anticipate the reaction of Internet users, Kylie Jenner jokingly wrote in the caption of the photo: “Kris Jenner is trembling”. When faced with such similarity, Internet users react: “They look like twins”; “You and Kris Jenner should take photos next to each other,” we can read in the thousands of comments. “Wow, with your old face and this haircut you could be twins,” another Internet user commented, referring to the criticism Kylie Jenner received during last Fashion Week.

In the guise of humor, others also point out the resemblance to her current boyfriend Timothée Chalamet. “She looks like Timothy”; “She and Timothy are twins now”; “She looks more and more like Timothy,” we read in the comments of the publication.

A return to naturalness for Kylie Jenner

Her latest public appearance proves it: Kylie Jenner wants something natural. For a few months now, the star – who often wears long extensions – has revealed her true length, which is often styled with a glamorous blow-dry.

Last April, she explained her desire in a video published on her TikTok account. “My hair. It’s my natural hair. I want to embrace it the way it is. I’m in the mindset of having healthy hair, so I don’t wear extensions and that’s how my hair looks now.”



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However, in 2015 he admitted that Cosmopolitan UK Having trouble dealing with your hair: “It’s hard for me to go back to the different styles I’ve worn before. I don’t always like my short, normal black hair. It makes me feel like I’m stuck in time. “Going back.” An era has now ended for the young woman.

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