They manage to use patient’s blood as regenerative medicine for back pain

Medicines are obtained on the basis of therapeutic properties from blood taken from the patient.

Most of these patients suffer from so-called degenerative disc disease.

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herniated disc This occurs when all or part of the spinal disc is forced through a weak part of the disc. This may put pressure on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord. Thus, the bones of the spine (vertebrae) protect nerves that leave the brain and run backward to form the spinal cord, Nerve roots are long nerves that separate from the spinal cord and exit the spine between each vertebra.

However, a new job has made it possible back pain Chronic treatment can begin personalized regenerative medicine From blood taken from a patient in a hospital in Estepona (Málaga).

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon javier guerreroFrom Hospitan Estepona, explained that it is a treatment with plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF, for its acronym in English).

From blood taken from the patient, Medicines are obtained on the basis of medicinal properties Of the growth factors present in that blood.

This therapy attempts to stimulate the regeneration of the affected intervertebral discs and relieve the associated pain and improve the quality of life of patients without the need to resort to surgery.

According to statistics, chronic back pain is one of the medical conditions that affects the most people around the world: 60% to 85% of the population has this problem. lower back pain Or will suffer from it at some point in your life.

Most of these patients suffer from the so-called degenerative disc disease, In which the discs between the vertebrae wear out and become thin, causing increased pressure on the facets, i.e. the back area, of the vertebrae.

This long-term condition reduces people’s quality of life in such a way that it makes it difficult or impossible for them to carry out daily activities, and its progression can lead to complications such as herniated discs and impingement of nerve structures. Is.” According to Warrior, symptoms may increase.

Faced with this reality, the Hospitan Estepona Spine Unit has begun to implement treatment with plasma rich in growth factors, “a revolutionary solution to a very common problem,” as he said.

To do this, a blood sample is drawn from the patient, which is processed to concentrate the platelets and growth factors present in it.

A pre-processed concentrated solution is injected into the affected intervertebral discs and helps to regenerate them, a process called It is performed on an outpatient basis by sedating the patient, Without general anesthesia.

After treatment, approximately 24 hours of relative rest is recommended, after which the patient will be able to resume normal activities. In general, they are recommended Three sessions with platelet-rich plasma To achieve optimum results.

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