They revealed a new video of the attack by Monterrey fans

A new video has surfaced regarding the accident that took place on the outskirts of TSM Corona StadiumIn which one Monterrey fan died and several others were injured.

In the busy day of the death of Maribel Mercado Gallegos, the alleged perpetrator -Jennifer Ann- is already in preventive detention, after the clip was published on social networks, in which some people are seen approaching the injured, with a truck on the way. Are. ,

“It’s not football anymore, It is unfair to take the life of an entire family because of fanaticism“, reads the publication of digier_gm7 on TikTok, which has been viewed more than 215 thousand times.

Second video that has surfaced

A few days ago another recording was released in which you can see the exact moment in which a truck runs over the Rayados fans present outside the stadium.

Bloodied bodies can be seen on the floor, while desperate screams from some of the affected people can be heard.

You also listen to its explanation Why don’t people move injured people or cars? Pick what caused the unfortunate incident. At that time the presence of police or any rescue element was not yet visible.

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