They revealed the most ambitious iPhone 16 design: It will be like this

If nothing changes, Manzana ‘ll present his new familysmartphones‘The high-end, anticipated iPhone 16, mid-next September. Or, at least, that’s what Apple has been doing consistently in recent years. In principle, this device is not expected to represent any major revolution. On the contrary, analysts say that it will remain quite constant, and the big news from the company will be directly related to the software, especially with the addition of new functions related to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will come through the next version. of iOS operating system.

However, the fact that the next iPhone 16 shortlist, which will almost certainly be made up of between three and four phones, will not receive any major changes, does not mean that it will be identical to the iPhone 15. Thus it is clear if you pay attention to the recent design shared by the special media ’91 Mobiles’, in which you can see what iPhone 16 ProThe most capable in the family.

The manufacturing design, which comes from industry sources, shows that the terminal will have a larger screen than its predecessors. Specifically, the Pro will reach 6.3 inches, while the Pro Max, the largest, will reach 6.9. Dimensions that would make them a little more inconvenient when carrying them in your pocket.

A new button will also be added to the terminals on the right side, just below the button used to turn off the phone or lock the screen. This, apparently, will be related to the use of the camera. Information about his arrival was leaked a few months ago.

For the rest, three buttons will remain on the left side of the phone. These were used to increase and decrease the volume of the terminal and the action volume, which was the main novelty of the iPhone 15 Pro and which serves as a kind of shortcut to access the camera or turn on the flashlight, Just by clicking on it.

There will be changes in the basic iPhone 16 as well. One of the most expected is the inclusion of the Action button, which is currently only present on the iPhone Pro. However, things will definitely not stop there. The specialized media ‘Mac Rumors’ states that Apple is studying the possibility of changing the design of the rear camera, which would be collected in a much smaller module than in the case of the Pro.

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