This actress of the cult saga could replace Jenna Ortega

After tremendous successes at the box office scream v And Sixth, the seventh opus, was to be shot immediately. Unfortunately, following the departure of several lead actors, production of the seventh episode halted. The studio will consider this revolutionary decision as a way out of this complex situation. We will explain this to you.

In the last episode of scream

Despite the huge surprise successes of the previous two parts, Horror saga Scream is currently in the grip of a serious creative crisis and commercial stagnation. shout out v and vi There was also a focus on new characters, including two sisters, Sam and Tara Carpenter, played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega respectively. Issue : After comments deemed controversial on current events and international politics, Melissa Barrera was fired from the project.

Jenna Ortega Melissa Barrera Scream 7

But this already complicated step was the first step in a massive industrial failure. Jenna Ortega, whose career has come a long way scream vDecided that she would not return if her gaming co-worker was no longer there. This movie becomes a real headache losing its two lead heroines in a matter of a few hours and one after the other Director Christopher Landon faced such a creative impasse and gave up By issuing this brief announcement:

It was my dream job and it turned into a nightmare.


Looking across this vast mess, all eyes turn to what was to be the heroine of the first films, Neve Campbell aka Sidney Prescott. According to The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the actress said in an interview on the subject:

If they were to come back to me, it would be with a respectable offer that would be commensurate with what I bring to this franchise. (…) we will see.

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But the reality is that even on this side production is at another impasse. The actress left the franchise because she felt the contract she was given was not particularly respectable Everything that she could bring to the saga. At the time, his departure caused much discussion, as Neve Campbell explained herself very clearly and simply by announcing:

Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the next film the Scream.As a woman, I have had to work very hard in my career to establish my worth, especially when it comes to the Scream, I felt like the offer I was given didn’t match the value I brought to the franchise.

sydney prescott scream saga before after

Today, It seems that the interpreter of the distinguished Sidney Prescott is fully aware of the situation The current state of the franchise and made this clear to a Hollywood Reporter journalist:

I know things are spinning right now, and I imagine they’re spinning upside down and trying to figure out what they’re going to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a call (…) But at the same time, I took a strong and clear position a few years ago that I didn’t believe the way I was treated was right. If I were a man I would deserve certain things for running this franchise as long as I did.

sydney prescott scream 5

When Twitter/X gets involved

A few months ago, Kevin Williamson, screenwriter of the first part of the Scream (and Dawson from the series), allowed a nice spotlight on Neve Campbelll In fact, while the creator of the Scream While Happy was a guest on the Horror Time podcast, he dropped a bit of a bombshell by supporting Neve Campbell and expressing her desire to see him return to the franchise:

I will give him the money. I’m sure there’s some amount they can agree on that they’ll both be happy with, so hopefully one day they’ll work it out.

neve campbell kevin williamson

A statement was immediately issued and supported by the public and fans. the Scream on the networkWho expressed a massive desire to see Neve Campbell return, surprising the actress:

A friend of mine sent me a message and said, ‘You are trending right now.’ I have never been on Twitter. I didn’t know what it meant. He said, ‘Let me explain.’ She said, ‘Love you very much.’ In these movies, people are so passionate about you and people fight for you. People want the studio to treat you right. It meant a lot to me.

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Will Neve Campbell really come back?

Even today Neve Campbell is proud of this decision At that time he had the courage to take it scream viWhile he has renounced this ultra-cultural franchise:

This was not a self-centered act (…) Women in this industry need to stand up for themselves and know what they are worth. It hasn’t changed for me. So if they were to come back to me, it would be with a respectable offer that is commensurate with what I bring to this franchise.

sydney prescott neve campbell

And when we ask her a yes or no question, she’s ready to come back in the next the Scream, Neve Campbell recalls the importance of this saga, begun by the great Wes Craven and 1990s star screenwriter Kevin Williamson (Dawson):

Would I do it? This franchise has millions of fans. These films mean a lot to people. They mean a lot to me. He means a lot to Kevin Williamson. They meant a lot to Wes Craven. They mean a lot to all of these actors, and we would all love to see this franchise continue. I would hate to see it disappear. So, we will see.

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