This is GyroGlove, the glove that controls Parkinson’s involuntary movements

everyone’s Gadget And among the innovations presented at the 2024 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, gloves that stabilize hand movements caused by Parkinson’s disease have attracted a lot of attention. GyroGear’s mechanical support promises to restore fine movement of the limbs with the help of a new gyroscope capable of moving in the opposite direction of the palm.

GyroGear was founded by Dr. Fai Ong, who experienced the difficulties that Parkinson’s disease patients live with. Inspired by their hours of service in hospitals, Ong and some of her colleagues have been working to calm those tremors since 2016. Years of research and testing finally came to light at CES 2024. The product also caught the interest of celebrities like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who Visited stand of gloves To talk to the founder.

parkinson’s involuntary movement

GyroGear has been mysterious about its glove technology, but the demonstration video claims it controls 80% of the physical movements resulting from Parkinson’s. This support is achieved due to the relationship between the space-grade gyroscope and a structure manufactured by Foxconn, the same company that Apple uses for its computers. A motor that compensates for involuntary movements is attached to a breathing glove coupled with a lithium battery that provides up to four hours of continuous use.

The first batch of gloves to suppress Parkinson’s tremors will be available in the coming months. On the GyroGear page you can pre-order by choosing hand position and limb size. In its first edition, the GyroGlove is priced at $4,899.

Gyrogear does not advertise its product as a solution for Parkinson’s, The overview is that it is the most advanced handheld stabilizer in the world. Its long-term use will not help slow the neurodegenerative disease, but it will return much of the control lost over essential activities such as eating.

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