This is the GHD dryer brush that’s on sale

Styling brushes have completely eliminated the use of personal dryers and straighteners. GHD remains a leading brand in hairdressing, so betting on its tools is always a success. it ghd rise It is famous for giving style and volume to the hair in just a few minutes, hence the damage to the hair is minimal.

The best thing about using these tools is that you can save a lot Time And effort. No more using a dryer and manual brush to create waves and shape the ends. With this model you can style your hair wherever you want: at home, in a hotel or in the gym locker room.

up to double the amount

The ghd Rise is a creative electric brush that easily and quickly adds volume from roots to ends. It has Ultra-Zone technology, which includes a sensor to maintain constant temperature (185°C). This guarantees that the results are long lasting and gives impressive volume without compromising the health of the hair.

Thanks to its design and technology, this brush provides a quick quantity From the root. This creates a mane effect with lots of body and movement, making it look like there is more hair. In fact, it produces twice the volume. You already know that these types of dryer brushes usually produce more volume than irons because they involve a flow of hot air.

ghd brush

The ghd Rise comes with soft nylon bristles designed to reach and lift the hair roots, creating instant and long-lasting volume. These bristles glide on easily and without pulling, providing maximum volume to the roots. You almost don’t have to detangle it beforehand so it can comb your hair easily.

It is very easy to use, although it is designed for use with dry hair. You will see that whether the hair is long or short, it shines easily. It also has a lightweight design and a handle ergonomic So you can use it for several minutes at a time without your hands hurting or your arms feeling heavy.

save 20%

Now is the best time to buy this GHD brush. Take advantage of your 20% discount and take it home 159 euros. Normally it is around 200 euros, so it is quite an interesting discount for what is one of the most desired brands.

ghd volume brush

Luckily, Amazon has free shipping And lightning-fast same-day delivery for your Prime customers. If you’re not an Amazon Prime subscriber yet, take the opportunity to sign up today and get a thirty-day trial. Don’t wait for the price to go up or stock out! Remember this is one of the best on the market.

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