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Have you ever wondered if you could see any features of humanity from space? The answer is yes, and it is neither the Great Wall of China, nor any high-tech building. The answer will surprise you, this has also been said by an astronaut.

Throughout the existence of humanity, it has been in charge of building spectacular constructions that have been passed down from generation to generation, so spectacular that some can even be seen from space.

We have the remains of massive constructions, like giant ancient civilizations that were forgotten, stories like the giant Tower of Babel, and even structures that still stand today, like the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids of Egypt. However, none of these constructions are the largest seen from space.

However, What is the largest construction seen from space?

Many will think that it is a structure that reaches to the sky, but the reality is that it is a construction that measures approximately 30,000 hectares, located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, it is visible from space, both by astronauts and satellites. gives. Which revolves around the earth.

Of course, we are talking about the Greenhouse of Almería, a construction located in the Spanish community called Andalusia. These greenhouses are known locally as ›› Farmers’ Lands›› and ›‹Gardens of Europe››.

This cropland has the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world, caring for a wide range of fruits, vegetables and more foods. From which at least 2.5 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables are grown.

According to the official platform of Sistemas Horticultural Almería, among all the crops we can find tomato, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, green beans, watermelon and melon, in addition to ornamental flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and other plants. ,

Image Credit: Hortoinfo

To confirm this fact we have the statements of some astronauts of various space missions, who have given their testimony about such fact and confirmed that, in fact, the greenhouses of Almería are human creations that can be seen from space in the most More can be seen.

First, we have the testimony of Spanish space engineer Pedro Duque, who had the opportunity to fly into space in 1998 on the STS-95 space mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Space Shuttle Discovery, also known as NASA Was. Engineer Duke assured that the view of the greenhouse was almost perfect, its definition and shape unmistakable.

After this first astronaut, we have Space Commander Michael López-Alegría, an astronaut who has participated in various space missions and who had the honor of being commander aboard the International Space Station.

Michael supported what Pedro had already said, says López-Alegría, because the color of the Almería desert is white and it is several kilometers long on the Spanish coast, so it is impossible not to notice it.

This area was classified by NASA as a “sea of ​​greenhouses”, having been created since the 60s, it was launched only as a method of testing outdoor and indoor farming techniques, which at the time It grew together and became what we know today. The world’s largest construction capable of being seen from space.

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