This is the real reason why insects fly around lights

Washington— Like moths to a flame, many scientists and poets It has been accepted for a long time flying insects They are easily and inevitably attracted to bright lights.

But in reality it does not happen, According to a new study.

Instead of being attracted to light, researchers think Artificial lights turned on at night can disrupt the innate navigation system of flying insects.Due to which they start fluttering in confusion around lamps, streetlights and other artificial lights.

“Insects have navigation problems”Biologist Tyson Hedrick said University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who was not involved in the study. “They are accustomed to using light as a clue to know which way is up.”

The insects do not fly directly toward the light source, but actually “tilt their heads toward the light,” said entomologist Sam Fabian. Imperial College of london and co-authors of the study published this Tuesday Nature Communications magazine,

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