This is the salary of a NASA astronaut who recently opened a new calling

This Tuesday, March 5, after two years of rigorous training, Ten Americans officially became astronauts And they are now eligible for NASA missions to the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon and even, if the projects move forward, Mars.

The members of this promotion are called “flies” And he was selected out of 12,000 applicants in 2021.

among new graduates There are fighter pilots, scientists, engineers and a doctor, Who come from both military and civilian sectors.

Their training included spacewalk simulation, robotics, space station systems and more.

“They’re extraordinary, that’s why they’re here”NASA Associate Administrator Jim Frey said. He said, “We ask you to sit on the tip of the rocket and risk your lives to further our country’s goal of exploring the unknown.”

Christina Birch, one of the graduates with a doctorate in biological engineering, highlighted the camaraderie of the group during her time there. “After a week in rural Alabama during our survival training, When all the rations were gone, we shared the last package of M&M peanuts“she remembers.

“I know there is a great sense of responsibility and excitement for what is to come in all Mosques,” he said. “We feel ready.”

But Many wonder what requirements applicants must meet to visit space And, besides the privilege of being an astronaut, what other benefits do these professionals have?

Well the answer is inside The new candidates that NASA opened for its next generation astronauts, The last date to apply is 2 April.

The space agency suggests that applicants be U.S. citizens and have a degree in a science or technical field, at least a two-year doctorate or a degree in medicine, or be part of pilot school.

Annual salary is $152,258 And the job ad warns that working from home is not an option.

In any case, Being an astronaut is an honor that very few people are able to achieve. And the possibility of exploring and knowing space is a privilege that makes this profession, despite the enormous risks, one of the most envied in the world.

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