This is the “shocking” Holy Week poster in Seville that leaves no one indifferent (photo)

The Brotherhood Council of Seville presented a poster for Holy Week in Seville, which left no one indifferent. It is an image of a resurrected man with the shroud of the brotherhood of Pupil and the powers of Christ of Love by Salustiano García.

For the Reason

The author has recreated Jesus Christ in the form of his son Horatio. There have been reactions on social networks. “Shocking” is one of the most commonly used adjectives.

The poster is an oil painting on canvas in realistic style and plays with three colors: red, black and white in addition to light. The use of natural colors gives a feeling of three-dimensionality.

The Penance Section of the General Council of Brotherhoods and Confraternities of the City of Seville, following information from the Superior Board, appointed Salustiano García Cruz, artistically known as “Salustiano”, poster artist for Holy Week in Seville in 2024 Appointed as. Born in Villaverde del Río (Seville) in 1965, Salustiano graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville. The Council of Brotherhoods, citing the Stoa Gallery, state that “Salustiano is a Sevillian painter, master of the figurative field, who has received international recognition. His works, fascinating images, stand out for their brilliant execution technique and that exquisite elegance Which only the classics can achieve.

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