This may be the reason for the Nintendo Switch 2’s delay to 2025

Nikkei, one of the media closest to Nintendo, has perhaps revealed the reason why the Nintendo Switch 2 will finally hit the market in 2025.

This may be the reason for the Nintendo Switch 2's delay to 2025

One of the most shocking news in recent weeks is the alleged delay of the Nintendo Switch 2 until 2025, while its initial launch was scheduled for this year. Following the final Partner Showcase, the current console calendar continues to be filled out to introduce new games A platform that aims to become the best-selling in all of history, Now in which month the console will be officially released can also be revealed and may The reason why you may have been late,

According to a report by Nikkei media, the reasons why the Kyoto-based company might have delayed the launch of Nintendo Switch 2 would be ensure a strong program For the arrival of the new generation in the market. Furthermore, the Big N would also like to avoid at all costs PS5 and Xbox Series On its launch. In such a situation, its launch may be delayed by a few months. Ensure presence of sufficient units As long as it is available.

Also, if the information is true, there will be a Nintendo Switch 2. with great games that they could Take full advantage of technological advances of the machine in relation to its predecessor. At the moment, logically, it This should be considered a rumorSo we will have to wait for new information to emerge from Nintendo itself.

Nintendo Switch 2 will prepare its official presentation in the month of June

One of the leakers, who estimated the delay of the Nintendo Switch 2 to 2025, could also reveal what the next activities will be in the event calendar of the Japanese company. This is how it can happen The next big event that the Japanese company may be preparing for,

  • A new Nintendo indie world before April 2024
  • Classic Nintendo Direct in April 2024
  • Official presentation of Nintendo Switch 2 in June 2024

have to see What is true in these rumours? And if the official presentation of the Nintendo Switch 2 finally takes place in the month of June. Thus, It will take a few months to know the first details Next generation machine.

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