This new version of Nissan’s X-Trail is equipped with snow protection

It may or may not be a coincidence that now everyone is talking about accidents happening in the mountains after watching ‘The Snow Society’. Nissan has introduced a special vehicle for these situations, however, it has done so, it is called X-Trail Mountain Rescue And it could save you money during your next ski trip.

X-Trail Mountain Rescue It is the latest Nissan vehicle designed with the sole purpose of reaching the ski slopes and, thanks to its modifications and traction capacity, to be at the service of any accident Which can be presented.

nissan x-trail snow
Photos: Nissan

Nissan X-Trail Mountain Rescue will spring into action on any snowy mountain replacing wheels with snow tracksWhich provide safe traction even when the track is slippery.

The entire exterior was modified for the same purpose, now with a custom luggage rack where an evacuation stretcher and other rescue equipment such as snow shovels could be placed.

nissan x-trail snow
Photos: Nissan

A series of lights were added on the roof and hood to illuminate the road and some sirens were also installed to provide warning, there are also some fenders and front and rear wheel arches that are wider than usual to keep the tracks in place.

There are tow hooks in the front and rear bumpers and running boards have been incorporated on the sides to facilitate access, this is because the X-Trail Mountain Rescue is 23 cm higher on the tracks in its road version.

nissan x-trail snow
Photos: Nissan

Once inside, the rear seats were removed to accommodate stretchers, as well as space to transport injured skiers to the medical center and, of course, a seat for a paramedic.

What was the X-Trail Mountain Rescue developed with? e-4ORCE electrified twin-engine all-wheel drive system.

Unlike a conventional mechanical system, it can react to changes in adhesion level in approximately 0.0001 seconds. 10,000 times faster than conventional traction systemsIn addition to being able to individually adjust the power distribution at the wheels.

For now, Nissan’s X-Trail Mountain Rescue Will take place in five European ski resorts Where snow is abundant, its presence will also encourage skiing with caution to avoid any accidents.

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