This sex scene with Emma Stone shocked England

For the United Kingdom release of “Poor Creatures”, a sex scene between Emma Stone and Damien Bonnard had to be changed due to the Child Protection Act of 1978.

emma stone is bella poor creatures

after Favorite (2019), Yorgos Lanthimos finds with emma stone poor creatures, a surprising fantasy comedy that isn’t afraid to shock its audience. The theme itself is interesting, as it is about a woman who is brought back to life by Doctor Frankenstein by transplanting the brain of a newborn baby.

With my adult body, bella Will learn to walk and talk again. But constantly confined to the home of Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), she lacks the rules of society and acts only by following her own desires, which she discovers as she progresses. She will finally set out to discover the world, to free oneselfAnd then experiment with his sexuality.

Emma Stone - Poor Fauna © The Walt Disney Company France
Emma Stone – Poor Fauna © The Walt Disney Company France

Therefore the film contains many sex scenes, Deemed Necessary by Emma Stone, The director is refusing to make a prurient film, and wants to remain faithful to the character. However, there is nothing romantic about these, as these are more about experiences than feelings for Bella. And for the public, it causes sometimes laughter, sometimes a kind of uneasiness,

A sex scene has to be edited for the UK

One sequence in particular can be quite annoying. During a trip to Paris, Bella decides to offer her services to a brothel, which will give her the opportunity to once again discover a part of the world that was hitherto unknown to her. Among his clients is a man played by french actor Damien Bonnard, and his young sons also accompanied him. Then for educational purposes he will teach his children how to love. An extremely unhealthy situation, but Yorgos Lanthimos treats it with irony.

However, this view was considered problematic during Film release in United Kingdom, as reported indiewireThere British Board of Film Classification Must have requested changes to the edit to be able to authorize the release of poor creatures, In its press release, the body responsible for evaluating the classification of films said:

We informed the distributor that we were likely to classify the film as 18+, provided changes were made to a short sequence depicting sexual activity in the presence of children.

Emma Stone - Poor Fauna © The Walt Disney Company France
Emma Stone – Poor Fauna © The Walt Disney Company France

In fact the Child Protection Act of 1978 caused a problem in the original editing of this article. In fact, the purpose of the law is specifically “Stop exploitation of children by making obscene pictures“. Even if the film sequence shows no action on the part of the young boys present, the simple fact of showing them watching sex Was problematic. Therefore a new assembly was proposed for the British market.

When the distributor submitted the film for official classification, the scene was edited and we were able to classify the film in the “+18” category.

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