Those entering medicine through EBAU reveal their moves

Dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. these are three characteristics Medical students consider it “essential” high school students which are found ebau preparation Get the grades that allow them to reach their dream career. The experiences and advice of those who have already walked this path are fundamental, and therefore further medical writing We have interviewed several students of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) with the aim of compiling the best advice that helped him achieve a grade of ten in the selectivity test.

One of these students assures that, since she was young, “it was already clear” that she wanted to study medicine. “What I did in my first and second year of high school was long distance running, You cannot start with full force in the first year and succumb in the second year, you have to move slowly, keep things updated and this way, when you reach the exam, you have a general idea. Everything will happen,” he explained.

is wanting strategies This is necessary to allow such a broad agenda to be better maintained. This is highlighted by a prospective Doctor of Medicine in his second year, who ‘relied’ on the use of mnemonic rules in preparation for the EBAU. “One of the formulas that worked best for me was to take the most practical exams at the beginning of studying most theoretical I left them till the end, so I had all the fresh material for exam day,” he explained.

Social life during EBAU preparation

As for advice for students who have already decided that they want to pursue a career in medicine, one of the students who participated in the report said that they should “forget a little” about it. Social Relationships And focus on “studying hard” the exam year. “At the end of the day it is a year of your life and it will give you the opportunity to build the career you want. one has to sacrifice to enter“, underlined.

Still, preparing for EBAU is not synonymous with not having a social life. It is true that it is necessary to reduce, but not eliminate, neither the hobbies of every person. This is highlighted by another first-year medical student, who recommended to future doctors that, in addition to “finishing high school”, it is important that they rest “a lot” and that Do sports to relieve stress, “Whenever I completed my studies, I used to run to relieve my fatigue. This is a very important process because if you are stressed the performance will not be as you want it to be,” he admitted.

go blank during ebau exam

about the idea of spacing out Faced with such an important test, this future doctor has sent a reassuring message while trying to dispel that thought. In his opinion, the most important thing is to go as calmly as possible on test day because “nerves always cause problems.”

“They don’t let us give our best. It makes sense to have them because the test is impressive and their grades will decide the future for you, but my advice is to think of them as if they are in high school, that they are taking a normal and normal test, and that, if they are there have managed to get very good grades, they will achieve this at EBU too”, he concluded.

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