Three black points have worsened the situation in Spain which continues to attack its doctors

,Are doctors more likely to be attacked? Depends on the place where you pursue your profession? The truth is that data varies. In Spain as a whole, Collegiate Medical Organization According to the study by the National Observatory of Attacks on Doctors, an overall average of 2.52 attacks per 1,000 members has been recorded in 2023. Last year its total number of members was 302,575 Up to 769 attacks were reportedBut, Which are the CCAAs where their doctors have faced a higher number of attacks? The distribution is not equitable and the worst figures are recorded in regions such as Catalonia, Cantabria or Extremadura.

Catalonia is the autonomous community that records the highest number of attacks For health workers in 2023. And the WTO in its Aggression Observatory collects, on average, for every thousand schools 5.92 attacks were reported, The region has 49,815 members and a Total 295 attacks in 2023, This community is followed CantabriaWith an average of 4.7 per thousand, when there are 4,041 registered practitioners in this CCAA and 19 attacks In the last year. The community with the third highest number of such conditions is estremaduraWhich reaches an average of 4.24 per thousand with 6,368 members. with 27 registered attacks,

The remaining communities have the following cases of attacks per thousand members. BalearicsAverage of 3.89 per thousand (6,931 members and 27 attacks); andalusia with 2.59 per thousand (47,853 members and 124 attacks registered in 2023); Castile and Leon Which has a total of 28 attacks with 16,614 members (1.69 per thousand) and marcia, 1.36 attacks per thousand members were reported (12 attacks and 8,823 members). For these cases, WTO has also produced an updated guide on how to act as a medical professional in the event of experiencing or surviving an attack.

others are community of madrid, with 1.37 per thousand (51,194 members and 70 attacks); the Valencian Community, which has 30,523 members and recorded 64 attacks in 2023 (2.10); castilla la mancha with 1.63 per thousand members (total 10,409 and 16 attacks reported); Aragon There were 21 attacks with 9,932 members (2.11); Asturias2.30 per thousand (7,399 members and 17 attacks); Rioja that with 1,965 members there were 5 attacks in 2023 (2.54) and ceuta With 368 referees, one attack was recorded (2.72).

CCAA with less attacks on doctors in 2023

On the other end, Communities in which doctors were attacked less During the year 2023 they were Galiciawhich recorded 8 attacks with 16,081 members (0.50 per thousand members); Basque Country with 0.69 attacks per thousand (15,866 members and 11 total attacks); Navarre with 0.63 attacks per thousand (4,779 members and 3 reported attacks) and Canary Islands In which 15 attacks (1.13 per thousand) were recorded with 13,282 members. Besides, melilla And its 332 members in 2023 had no reported attacks last year.

With the combination of these attacks, The observatory has recorded a total of 7,261 attacks since 2011, “equivalent to all registered doctors of the province of Zaragoza or Asturias.” 66 percent women doctors were attacked Where primary care has been consolidated as a majority sector for another year, which represents 43 percent of attacks on doctors. Behind are hospitals, which dropped seven points to 20 percent. hospital emergencies (10 percent) and primary care emergency (10 percent), which rebounds slightly.

refering to Typology of attackers in 2023Data shows that they are primarily scheduled patients (47 percent), followed by undetermined patients (30 percent) and partners (22 percent). The average profile of an attacker corresponds to a male between 40-60 years of age, although it is notable that the under 40 age group predominates among females.

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