Three strange objects discovered orbiting Uranus and Neptune


Countries around the world invest extensively so that scientists can continue exploring and studying our solar system. In this sense, three never-before-seen celestial bodies were recently discovered that revolve around Neptune and Uranus. According to the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Centre, a special imaging technique was used to reach the discovery and found that there are three moons.

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Thousands of discoveries are made every year regarding everything that exists around planet Earth. Each of them allows us to understand how our galaxy was formed. In this case, three moons were discovered that revolve around Uranus and Neptune, which were recently announced by the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

On the one hand, one of them orbits Uranus, which already has 27 confirmed moons so far, and would be the first in 20 years. Temporarily, this moon was named S/2023 U1, although over time it will be given a name, as is customary on this planet, and the name selected is Shakespeare. Another curious fact is that it is considered to be the smallest on the above mentioned planet.

The other two moons orbit around Neptune, of which 14 have been confirmed so far. The interesting thing about this planet is that it has a moon called Triton, which is similar in size to planet Earth and has active volcanoes. However, one of the two new telescopes found is said to be one of the faintest ever found by ground-based telescopes.

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