Three unreleased Lady Gaga releases on streaming platforms

Two remixes of already known songs of the pop star, complete confusion And outfitAlso an unpublished title, retro physicalHas been released on multiple streaming platforms.

There is good news for Lady Gaga fans. Three new tracks from the American singer have been released on the streaming platform, listed under her real name Stefani Germanotta.

Two of these titles, complete confusion And outfit This appears to be the first version of a previously known song by the singer. third piece, retro physical, As Variety reports, it will begin in 2007 and will air over several years on the web in collaboration with producer Noise Trip.

No album since 2020

The three songs were released nine days earlier on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. They were put online by an organization called “Unreleasedongs”, “unreleased songs” in French. Representatives for the various platforms had no comment at this time when contacted by Variety.

Lady Gaga also did not respond to the surprise release of these three titles. The singer has not released an album since Chromatica Been busy with the world tour in 2020, but especially in 2022. Last June, the interpreter of bad Romance has also announced that a film based on its Chromatica Ball is in production.

The singer will also be featured in its second part Joker, Folie à Deux, with Joaquin Phoenix as Harley Quinn. Theatrical release is scheduled for October 2, 2024.

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