Tigres vs Pumas match summary (2-2). Target

tigers had control over the party, cougar I didn’t do anything to get a point on matchday 5 at the Volcano, but the scoreboard at the end said otherwise; UANL and UNAM tied 2-2 With two players who excelled in doubles: Nico Ibanez and Guillermo Martínez,

Andre-Pierre Gignac was not the starter, but Nico worked without problems with the double, which gave him the advantage a tigress is much better than a puma, However, history was written with a draw with a taste of victory for those of UNAM, who reached 8 units and Nikolaitas reached 11.

Gignac will have to wait

In the third minute, Tigres almost opened the scoring due to a defensive error, as Nathan Silva only touched the ball short instead of clearing it and the ball stopped there, alone in the six-yard box, but Nico Ibanez failed to arrive in time to push the ball, The goalkeeper and defense reacted and avoided damage.

The guys from UANL were on top during the first minutes, with dangerous crosses and arrivals, but none ended in the goal; Although the UNAM team did not come forward, it was not until the 31st minute that Piero Quispe dared to shoot from close to the near post, and the ball crossed the edge of the goal, protected by Nahuel Guzmán.

After an overflow from the right by Fernando Gorriaran, Tigres had a great opportunity at the feet of Juan Bruneta, who sent a nice cross, but his teammate blew the ball away.

These were the goals of Tigres vs Cougars

Nico Ibanez removed his fork Due to a missed penalty against Gallos, in action from the right in the 44th minute, Jesús Garza sent a cross which Diego Lainez could not reach his shot, but was followed by the Felin striker, who Controlled and powerfully defined, low for 1-0,

ibanez took out his fork

Ibanez not only made the score 1-0. When going for a header in the 48th minute. Silva committed handball and the maximum penalty was awarded., The memories of his failure in the 11 steps were fresh, but the South American was confident and his teammates also instilled this confidence in him, so He was in charge of collecting and completely converting For his double, 2-0 in the 50th minute.

pumas threatened, contacted and tied up

On 64′ Jose Caicedo gave warning that the Pumas were waking up, but after a corner kick on 71′, Guillermo Martínez gave his team a 2–1 victory with a header near the first post. Danger of pumas. local set.

at the age of 76 Memo Martínez will score a double for the match, following a cross from the right, in which he stood alone in the center of the area to finish with a header and make it 2–2; for a few moments, The referee hesitated to accept it as validBut it was finally announced that VAR confirmed there was no handball, “No violation” said the central judge, so the advantage for Tigres disappeared.

Tigres was celebrating and their goal was canceled out

At 84′, Tigres were celebrating 3–2 in their favor when Luis Quinones crossed, goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez came out and The ball went to Andre-Pierre Gignac on the rebound, who pushed and scored; However, the referee decided, again with the help of VAR, that the goal was not counted due to a handball by the Frenchman who replaced Nico Ibáñez in the 67th minute.

The home team tried and had a chance to regain the winning advantage in the final moments, but the goal was not scored and the university team had to face a lot of jeers from its fans.

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