Tijuana vs Chivas match summary (1-1). Target

Shivaj Of Fernando Gago They don’t play bad, but they still haven’t won Completion in 2024 1-1 draw with Xolos de Tijuana In a duel corresponding to matchday 3, a night when the men of Guadalajara had some time off.

The Guadalajara team has a controversial 2 points from 9, with a poor first half that went to the Xolos, and The supplement featured another artist from Guadalajara., In the end both the goalkeepers saved their teams from defeat.

With a draw against Santos Laguna and a loss against Tigres, Chivas tried to add 3, which cost them a lot, while Miguel Herrera’s men didn’t even win And he also has 2 units under his belt.

These were the goals of the Xolos Vs. Shivaj

The duel took a while to catch on and the first clear goal was a goal. The locals launched the first attack and in the 19th minute, Carlos Gonzalez made it 1-0 in favor of Xolos, on receiving a ball from Domingo Blanco; The Paraguayan did not fail to defeat Raul Rangel.

Chivas responded at 30′ with a shot from José Juan Macías, who received, controlled, raised his head and exposed the flash that went over the top; Four minutes later it was Fernando Beltrán’s turn, who was replaced first by José Antonio Rodríguez.

Before the break, Sacred Flock had the clearest chance when on 45′, Alan Mojo picked up the ball and delivered a cross which Roberto Alvarado finished off with a header, but into the hands of the local goalkeeper.

The break came, Gago rearranged himself and that gave Chivas a new face for the second half, as Cade Cowell refreshes the offense And this created more red and white danger.

Tono Rodríguez was a prominent figure of the party

This was a change with immediate effect, because cowell had a good time, In the 49th minute he fired a shot into the hands of Tono Rodríguez and in the 55th minute he received from Piozzo and fired a shot over the Xolos goal.

Chivas continued the chase and at 56′ Eric Gutierrez apparently let go When he poorly headed a cross from Mojo, who in turn received it from Alvarado. This failure caused much crying among the Rojiblancos crowd at the Caliente Stadium.

El Piozo Alvarado tried again for the tie, received from Cade Cowell, stood in front of Toño Rodríguez, crossed and was taken out by the local goalkeeper to continue the momentary local victory in the 57th minute.

Tono snatched another goal from Chivas in the 60th minute by deflecting a very strong hit from Pavel Pérez, but the pressure was too great. At 66′ it was 1-1,

It was Roberto Carlos Alvarado who tied the match when he received the ball inside the area where Pavel Pérez had put the ball in, and which Kevin Balanta could not cut out. Before moving in with Luz, Cowell created a screen and it helped him Electronic pairing will be good for your partner,

Jose Castillo scored Chivas’ second effort in the 68th minute with a shot that was deflected by Rodriguez in what was Guadalajara’s best moment.

Raul Zuniga put Chivas in trouble in the 73rd minute with a wide-sided shot after arranging the ball. This gave life to the Xolos who wanted to win. Gonzalez made a free throw that was knocked down by Rangel; Zuniga took a shot at the corner kick and saved.

On 85′ Fernando Madrigal got the ball down to his chest and hit straight which again deflected off Tala Rangel.

Before the final whistle, Alvarado comes close to giving Chivas 3 points by defying luxuryBut on one hand.

The final half was contested and there were no more goals, so the points were divided on boundaries.

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