Tips for Designing and Editing Photos for Free in Canva

Canva makes it possible for users without special design training to create professional visual content for a variety of needs. (canvas)

Creating invitations, cards, resumes, presentations, posters, graphics and posts for social networks has become a constant necessity, whether they are students, teachers, businessmen, office workers or professionals in any field.

And to respond to this growing demand the tool was born CanvaA solution that emerged with the aim of making digital design an accessible option for users without specialized knowledge and without necessarily paying fees.

In fact, the platform has rapidly gained popularity and is already being used by more people 135 million users All over the world thanks to the fact that it provides useful functionalities for free.

On the other hand, the paid version significantly expands the capabilities of the platform with the inclusion of advanced features such as the ability to set up and share brand kit,

That’s why it’s so important to know some of its most notable features and tools to get the most out of Canva.

Canva has quickly gained popularity thanks to its intuitive interface and freemium model. (canvas)

Let’s remember that this is a Cloud-Based Graphic Design Software It has a user interface that is distinguished by its clarity and ease of use.

In fact, all you need to do to start designing is to log in and upon logging in, users will get a dashboard Clean and organized, where they can choose to create a design from scratch or use one of the many predefined templates that cover a wide range of needs, from presentations and brochures to social media posts.

is here too instrument panel Main which provides quick access to features like adding text, shapes, images and more.

While a standout feature is the search function, which allows users to quickly find specific items within a large library of resources.

Canva includes a variety of templates, team collaboration tools, and the ability to post directly to social networks. (canvas)

Canva offers a wide range of easy-to-use design and editing tools, including:

– text editor: Allows users to add and customize text with a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors. It also includes formatting options like lists, alignment, and spacing.

– Graphic elements: It includes shapes, lines, frames, icons, and stickers that can be added and customized to the design.

– Image Tools: Allows users to upload their own images or access a library of stock images. This includes features like cropping, filters, and brightness and contrast adjustments.

– Drag and Drop Features: They make it easy to add and position elements in a design.

– Layer Function: They allow the manipulation and organization of different elements in a design to create effects of depth and complexity.

Canva’s uses range from creating promotional materials like flyers and posters to designing educational and business presentations. (canvas)

change wallpaper color

Canva allows you to change the color of the wallpaper, even if it’s a pictureIn which case it will change its color slightly to the selected color.

However, especially in the case of photos, a prior step is required so that the background is not replaced with a flat color. For this it is necessary:

– Click on the photo or wallpaper image.

– Click on the Transparency option on the top right.

– Transparency should be less than 100% to not turn the background into a flat color.

– After this click on the colored button given above.

– At this point the colors option will open in the side menu, where you can select one or create a new one manually.

Change a photo to wallpaper

This is a very easy method put wallpaper image because There is no need to take the trouble of inserting it and then manually start resizing it so that it matches the size of the format you are working on.

To use it you need to:

– Go to the left menu and insert a photo into the project, whether from Canva or uploaded.

– Click on the photo to select it.

– Then right click on it.

– A pop-up menu will appear showing the option Set image as background and select it.

photo effects

When an image is selected in a project, even if it is wallpaper, in the options bar at the top of the screen you can find effect option,

In this section you can select various effects that will distort the entire photo and others that will act on the elements present in it.

Unfortunately, the useful effect of removing background from photos is an option for paid accounts.

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