“Tired of seeing me”, Margot Robbie takes a break from her career

by Francois R

Margot Robbie wants to take a break after the worldwide success of Barbie.

margot robbie, barbie, actressmargot robbie, barbie, actress

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In 2023, Margot Robbie was everywhere thanks to — or because of, that steamroller promotion barbie, Between the trailers, ad spots, viral videos, ubiquitous posters, and derivative products you name it, we can say we ate well – even to the point of overdose – barbie All in sauce. The world painted candy pink for several months made many people better off. maybe even margot robbie Self Because she wants to take a professional break.

Margot Robbie is desperate after the huge success of barbie

What’s more normal than wanting to take a vacation? Last year, barbiedirector greta gerwig Was the center of all media attention in the cinema. Even more, perhaps, his quarrels oppose him oppenheimerwhich was released in theaters the same day, sold under the catchy moniker ‘Barbenheimer’. And, inevitably, all eyes were focused on Margot Robbie in the title role of the famous plastic doll. But the American actress didn’t just star in Warner Bros.’s candy-pink blockbuster. We could see him even in the dirty barn Damien Chazelle, babylonAnd the third type of new encounter was signed Wes Anderson, asteroid city, In short, Margot Robbie, apart from the juggler barbieNot deactivated in 2023. And a little earlier too!

Margot Robbie wants to temporarily pause her career

We can also add that he performed in front of the camera David O. Russellfor unpleasant amsterdamand wear the dress for the last timeHarley QuinnIn a somewhat pointless reboot suicide squad, So, Margot Robbie, as she said in an interview with Deadline, wants to take a good break. ,We never stopped playing for so long after we finished the tour barbie In October 2022.She says that it has been more than a year since she stepped on the film set. outside the period of COVID-19, where the entire world cinema was obviously put on standby. Margot Robbie continued with humor that was effective: “I also think everyone is tired of looking at me. I should probably disappear from the screen for a while. Honestly, if I make a new film now, people will say ‘him again? We filled it all summer. We can’t take this any longer., What does he think? Ryan ,i’m just ken, baby goose ,

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