Titanic: Kate Winslet explains why it was ‘terrible’ to be a famous young woman

In a lengthy interview, the British star revealed by Titanic talked about the impact of the world’s most famous film on her life as a young woman. Two decades later, the actress praised the salutary consequences of #MeToo on actresses’ work, their relationships, and themselves.

As the world prepares to discover her as a powerful woman at the head of an authoritarian regime GovernmentKate Winslet reveals her first steps into the brutal world of Hollywood. in an interview for porter magazineThe 48 year old actress revealed this media pressure, persistent intrusion into someone’s private life And injunction His gender relations changed his life greatly at that time.

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“My life has become quite unpleasant,

The year is 1997. Kate Winslet is just 22 years old. finds herself headed for stardom, which will long remain the biggest box office success in cinema history. Discussing the career of her daughter Mia, who is also an actress at age 23, Kate Winslet observed that young women were much more free Within contemporary industry: “It is different now. Mia always remains herself. (Today’s young women, editor’s note) Know how to use their voices. ,

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Kate Winslet The Regime // Source: YouTube ScreenshotKate Winslet The Regime // Source: YouTube Screenshot
Kate Winslet The Regime // Source: YouTube Screenshot

Kate Winslet reflects on her journey titanic ,

“I felt like I had to fit into a certain image, look a certain way. At that time, the media was very intrusive my life has become quite unpleasant, ,

“Journalists always told me: “Later titanicyou could have done anything and still you decided to make short films”… and I said to myself: “Yes, I did that!” because, guess what, wanted to be famous Terrifying. Of course, I was grateful. I got an apartment when I was only twenty. But I didn’t want people to follow me when I was going out to feed the ducks.

#MeToo liberation

Years later, Kate Winslet noticed changes in Hollywood. According to the actress, these developments took root in feminism, by showing myself UnitedWomen are far more free in the industry and media system that once crushed them:

#MeToo lit a fire inside usCollectively, she continues,[what we]want to leave behind and what we want to say for ourselves. ,

when the journalist to take away When asked if the fame associated with the film still hurts 25 years after Titanic’s release, Kate Winslet responded with humor: “These days, the only time I say ‘Oh my God, I have to hide’ is when I’m on a boat. ,

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