Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire in biopic

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will play dancing genius Fred Astaire in a brand new biopic from the screenwriter of the ‘Billy Elliot’ musical.

Fred Astaire, this famous and unforgettable American dancer and singer, king of Broadway and Hollywood, for his musical comedies with the dancer Ginger Rogers in the 1930s, would finally be celebrated in the cinema in the guise of actor Tom Holland. The Revelation of the Spider-Man Movie”.

Actor Tom Holland played the role of the heroic Peter Parker in Spider-Man, but you should know that in his early days (he was only 12 years old) he was seen in the musical comedy “Billy Elliot”. And it is also the screenwriter of “Billy Elliot” who is currently in charge of writing this biopic on Fred Astaire.
The film will take us to the 1920s, to a time when young Fred and his sister Adele played and danced together on the Broadway stage. The rest will certainly be shown: the meeting of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and the great black and white sound films of the 1930s, filmed in spectacular settings in Hollywood in the midst of the Depression, with breathtaking singing and dancing sequences. Breath: Top Hat, Swing Time, Shall We Dance: All America will praise the grace, swing and perfection of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a spectacular and romantic atmosphere. Fred Astaire is one of the masterpieces of unforgettable Americana in his own right and he sang and danced until the late 70s, only to disappear in 1987.

We do not yet know the cast and release date of this biopic on Fred Astaire, but we know that its interpreter Tom Holland is currently on stage in a London theater to play the famous Romeo of William Shakespeare’s play. All that’s left now is for Tom Holland to begin working with the world’s best choreographers to embody the towering Fred Astaire, who shot his choreography in a single take, had the choreography last for several minutes and Of rehearsing for hours. Fred Astaire, this frail little man, whose grace and agility still fascinates, is immortal. And it is in the rhythm of all the songs of his music, signed by Irving Berlin or Cole Porter, that have become the greatest successes of the American heritage today.

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