Tom Lockyer’s heart stopped during a Premier League match

Luton Town captain says his heart stopped for 2 minutes and 40 seconds when he fainted at Bournemouth

captain of luton town, Tom LockyerWhat to say His heart stopped for more than two and a half minutes when he suffered heart attack in a match of Premier League at Bournemouth in December, but he is still awaiting clearance from doctors to continue playing at professional level.

The 29-year-old defender collapsed in the 59th minute at the Vitality Stadium on 16 December, leading to the match being abandoned. Tom Lockyer He was discharged from the hospital five days later after a successful procedure to have an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

,Two minutes, 40 seconds I was out.“, told him Tom Lockyer To sky game In an interview broadcast on Sunday before the match between luton and manchester united Premier League, ,I needed a defibrillator to revive me, “A big thank you to the paramedics and team doctors involved, because without them I wouldn’t be here.”

Tom Lockyer He also collapsed during May’s Championship final win over Coventry at Wembley, causing him to undergo surgery to repair atrial fibrillation.

He said he knew immediately that his collapse at Bournemouth was more serious.

He said, “I was running halfway to the line and I got really dizzy. I remember thinking ‘I’ll be OK in a second’ and at the end I wasn’t.” “I woke up and there were paramedics and everyone everywhere. This happened in May too, but I knew right away that this was different. Last time I almost woke up from a dream, this time I woke up out of nowhere. Instantly A little more happened and more panic by the club’s paramedics, physiotherapists and doctors. I was a bit confused, I couldn’t speak or move, I was just trying to understand what was happening.

“When it was happening I remember thinking ‘I could die here’ and it’s kind of surreal to think that and not be able to move and react.”

Tom Lockyer He said he still needs to undergo more tests before doctors get a clear picture of whether it is safe for him to resume his sporting career.

He said, “We’ll pay attention to what the doctors and specialists indicate, but if there’s a possibility that I can play again, and I’m not going to do anything against their recommendations, I’d love to.” “It’s too early to say, there’s still a lot more testing and things that need to happen in the background, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has successfully restarted his career after having a device fitted following a fall at the 2021 European Championship while playing for Denmark.

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