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Masterfully performed by impeccable actors, “Cuban Network” tells the authentic story of a network of Cuban spies established in the 1990s that was responsible for informing Havana about the activities of exiles in the United States. Watch on Netflix.

Beginning in the 1960s, organizations of Cuban exiles, primarily based in Florida, the historic home of the Spanish-speaking community, organized or staged attacks on Cuban soil.

To deal with these groups, the Cuban government regularly sends spies to Florida to infiltrate these organizations. In the early 1990s, approximately thirty agents formed the Wasp Network (The Red Avispa In Spanish, “Wasp Network”), which is responsible for informing Havana about the activities of Cuban exiles…

Cuban Network Taken from the book by journalist and politician Fernando Morais, last soldier of the cold war (“The Last Soldier of the Cold War”). This work has been prepared thanks to about forty interviews conducted by the person concerned, who also had access to official documents of the American and Cuban governments.

From this concrete point, Oliver Assayas explains Cuban Network, Behind the scenes of this top secret project, filmed in Cuba, including the workings of politics and history in the face of this underground war.

Released in early 2020, and now available on Netflix, the film is made at a distance by a titanium cast.

A detective film with women at the center

The formidable Edgar Ramirez, already there, whom the director found ten years later after giving him the role of terrorist Carlos. He is supported by Gael García Bernal and Wagner Moura, who is known among Netflix subscribers for giving a powerful composition in the guise of Pablo Escobar in the series Narcos.

But Cuban Network This is also a detective film made keeping women at the center. They are embodied by the dazzling Penelope Cruz, “The emotional heart of the film” Assayas would even say; Which helps a woman discover that her husband is a spy and move her from victim to decision maker. and Ana de Armas, who “A betrayer brings a woman’s sorrow, but also gives joy, energy, innocence to her character” The filmmaker explained.


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