Trader Life Simulator for Android & IOS Free Download

Trader Life Simulator Free Download for Android and IOS

Trader Life Simulator is a simulation game for developing various business models to achieve a prosperous life.

Developed and released by a programmer, it allows the use of VR headsets to have an immersive experience in a reality-like environment. The story follows the protagonist who loses his prestigious and lucrative position in the largest company and fails to find a replacement. The protégé became desperate and founded a small grocery retailer, where he began his journey as a private businessman.

Players must create an efficient trade chain to earn increasing profits. It is important to manage the distribution of goods as well as set up sales territories and determine prices to attract potential customers. After achieving financial freedom, the player will be asked to build his personal guardian’s house, purchase furniture, computers as well as televisions and other things. For traveling around the city, you can buy a car that can travel around the world, or you can work part-time as the shop earns a steady income from hired vendors.

The game comes with a comprehensive banking system that includes banks and ATMs where you can withdraw cash. You can choose to get an advance loan to expand your personal business or buy an attractive car. Additionally, there are signs of sleep, hunger, and other human needs that need to be met, just like in real life.

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