Trick to get WiFi key from another location without downloading program

Did you forget the password to connect to the network? wifi, It is worth noting that the modem and routers They have a trick to enter without using it or use an external application or hack the system in some way. There are 3 very easy ways to get the desired connection.

It often happens that the user forgets the password. wifi Or you don’t want to search for it because you are too far from where you wrote it. In other situations, there is no access to that password, but there is proximity. router Which provides the internet. We explain how you can achieve it in these simple ways.

We explain how to get WiFi keys without using keys.
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How to connect to Wi-Fi network without password?

One of these ways is through the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button which is located on the back of the modem and allows you to connect wifi Without password. By pressing this option, the network is released and becomes open for anyone to connect to the device receiving the signal. This way, anyone will be able to connect to the network, before a few seconds pass and the router restores all security measures and passwords. To connect, you just have to press the button and that’s it, you will be connected to the network, security is deactivated.

The second option is through QR codes, which has become a really useful element. If you want to connect in a simple way, you only have to point the camera of your smartphone at this code and read it so that it automatically connects to the WiFi network, without knowing its password. One thing to note is that this code is usually found behind router,

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your password to connect to WiFi. Source: Pinterest

If your phone can’t scan QR codes, you can use Google Lens. This tool allows you to get network connection wifi Without password. Now you have the trick to connect without downloading a program.

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