Tricks to Write Faster on Any iPhone

The iPhone has built-in features that optimize writing messages in different applications – (pictorial image infobay)

In the age of technology and instant communication, efficiency and speed in writing on mobile devices have become almost indispensable capabilities.

Especially iPhone users have discovered new tricks that make using the keyboard faster on devices with the iOS operating system.

These features described below have been available for years, but perhaps many people have not noticed them. However, knowing these methods greatly facilitates the interaction between human factors and technology.

One of the most notable tips discovered by users allows Write numbers much faster and more efficiently, This technique involves holding down the “123” key and then sliding your finger to the desired number without lifting it from the keyboard.

One of the iPhone’s tricks is to reduce the time it takes to type numbers and letters. (Photo: Technophilo)

It enters the selected number into the text and automatically switches back to the alphabetic keyboard, eliminating the need to repeatedly switch between the numeric and alphabetic keyboards, a process that, although brief, can be cumbersome when writing. Can disrupt continuous flow.

A variation of this technique uses two fingers, One for holding down the “123″ key and the other for selecting numbers, to further optimize typing time.

These searches are not limited to just writing numbers. Users have found other valuable features that simplify everyday tasks. For example, Simply turn the keyboard into a trackpad by pressing down on any area of ​​it.

This trick allows you to move the cursor precisely and quickly through the text in a practical way, which greatly facilitates its editing and correction.

iPhone mobiles also have the ability to have a voice function to write texts and messages. (Photo: iPhone)

In addition to the above mentioned functions, ios keyboard Hides other possibilities which are:

  • Possibility to write the Apple logo using key combinations.
  • Insertion of special characters by long pressing certain keys.
  • Option to use handwriting as well as voice dictation.

These functionalities aim to enrich the user experience, offering simplified methods and practical solutions to tasks that may be considered monotonous or tedious.

Siri has several tools that allow it to be used without connection data or access to WiFi (Photo: Taken from Look How It’s Done)

One of the notable tasks that Siri can do offline It has the ability to set reminders and alarms, allowing users to easily organize their daily schedule with simple verbal commands like “Remind me to call Juan at 3 o’clock.”

In addition, Siri offers the possibility to open applications stored on the device using only your voice. This instant access to apps makes it easy for users to interact with the device when they’re on the go by simply saying, “Open (app name).”

Another useful functionality for music lovers is the control of music playback. Siri can play specific songs, albums, or playlists that are stored locally on the deviceWith commands like: “Play my workout playlist.”

Siri can play music on iPhone devices even without the need for internet. (Photo: Bloomberg)

For basic communication functions, Siri can make calls and send classic text messages to stored contactsFacilitating direct communication without the need to manually navigate the device.

Similarly, Siri can also View personal information saved on the device, such as calendar events or contact details, allowing users to stay organized and on top of their commitments and relationships without relying on an Internet connection.

It is important to mention that for these Offline Siri features to be available, users will need to ensure that the corresponding option is activated in their device settings, which requires an updated version of iOS.

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