Turns mansion into ‘ecological paradise’

Liverpool manager leaves in mid-year. He bought a luxurious house in a villa in Majorca.

Jurgen Klopp has a detailed plan to finish the 2023/2024 season with Liverpool FC on a high note, win as many titles as possible and then say goodbye.

The German coach announced that at the end of the season he would step aside and rest for a year, as he did not feel energetic enough to continue the victories he has achieved with the Reds in recent years.

Similarly, Klopp is already planning his sabbatical year and has bought a luxurious mansion, which he will share with his wife.

Thus, the current coach of Luis Diaz is creating an ‘ecological family paradise’ in Majorca, Spain. There he bought a villa on the Balearic Islands, which cost him approximately $4.3 million. Apart from this, he has also invested another good amount of money to make some adjustments in his house for at least a year.

according to the newspaper ‘build’Klopp (56 years old) paid for his mansion in Spain in 2022. The technician and his wife, Ulla, have been in charge of transforming the villa into a low-energy home, where the heating and air conditioning systems are interconnected.

Both systems are controlled by a computer to ensure that the temperature in the house remains the same no matter what the weather outside. The new system will allow Klopp to control all electrical devices, as they are also controlled by a central system.

informed of ‘daily Mail’ That the landscaping work of the garden is in the hands of the same company that designed the garden of British billionaire Richard Branson’s ‘Son Buñola’ hotel.

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