UDD achieves historic cut-off score in Medicine, highest at national level

UDD achieves historic cut-off score in Medicine, highest nationally – Universidad del Desarrollo

The German Faculty of Clinical Medicine Universidad del Desarrollo has achieved an important achievement by reaching the cut-off score of 951.6 points in the Medicine degree in the 2024 admission process, which is almost 15 points higher than in 2023. A private university has achieved the best result in the history of the single admission system, this is the first time that it has overtaken traditional universities in this field.

“This result is a source of pride for the University and reflects the commitment, dedication and effort of the entire academic community. Teamwork, track record, innovative curriculum and vision for the future are some of the key aspects that we believe have contributed to attracting the best students. For us, this is a motivation to continue our work and move forward as one of the best medical schools in the country,” commented Dr. Marcela Castillo, Dean of UDD Medicine.

On her part, Dr. Mariana Jadue, Director of Medicine Degrees, said the milestone is a reflection of the confidence in the educational approach of the Faculty. “This reaffirms our commitment to work tirelessly to live up to the expectations and trust placed in this project. We approach it with enthusiasm, humility and responsibility. This achievement is undoubtedly not individual, but a collective recognition of the academic excellence and vision of the future that Universidad del Desarrollo promotes as an institution,” said Dr. Magic shed light.

It was worth highlighting the collaboration of the Faculty’s strategic partners such as Clínica Alemana, Padre Hurtado Hospital and all the clinical areas that play a fundamental role in the training of students in the field of health.

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