UNAM medical student dies at age 18; The community is in mourning

Ileana Yamileth excelled in her studies and practice "cheerleading" At UNAM (Photo: UNAM)
Ileana Yamileth excelled in her studies and cheerleading practice at UNAM (Photo: UNAM)

academic community of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is in mourning after the death of Ileana Yamileth Bautista Munozfirst class student of career Surgeon,

The girl’s death on January 12 shocked classmates and teachers. school of medicinewho have expressed themselves through Social Networks, The cause of death of Bautista Muñoz was not previously disclosed, but the impact of his death has been cryptic on social networks.

It was last Monday, January 15, when UNAM Faculty of Medicine issued a brief statement expressing deep regret over the loss of a young member of highest house of studyWho had joined the organization only in August 2023.

“The Faculty of Medicine regrets the sensitive death of our dear student Ileana Yamileth Bautista Munoz And joins the grief that weighs heavily on family, friends and colleagues. May he rest in peace,” the official message said.

At the age of 18, the student fulfilled her dream of entering UNAM (Photo: UNAM)
At the age of 18, the student fulfilled her dream of entering UNAM (Photo: UNAM)

The death of the young student entering the first year of the Medical Surgeon degree received some comments on the X account where the incident was reported. Tributes and memories poured in from peers and teachers, highlighting the student’s human qualities and commitment to her studies.

“I barely saw you because you were always studying, but still it was inevitable to connect with you. I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart, Ile. he will love you forever the Lodger“, “Our condolences to the family who support us in mourning, an excellent student, person and human being who honored me by allowing me to be his teacher. I know she will shine with immense light wherever she is”, “May Ileana fly high and continue to evolve to another level where death does not exist”

Students of school of medicinewho had barely resumed classes following their typical school calendar after a brief break in the last weeks of 2023 and early 2024, are now facing Shock And sadness at the unexpected news.

Through the faculty’s Facebook account, where the death was also announced, more than 100 people have shared messages of condolence and support for the family of Bautista Muñoz, as well as expressions of affection for the student who aspired to become a doctor. Anecdotes and expressions have also been shared.

Ileana's mother revealed the reason for her death on Facebook (Photo: Facebook)
Ileana’s mother revealed the reason for her death on Facebook (Photo: Facebook)

These comments can be read in response to the publication which has over 3 thousand reactions and has been shared 116 times at the moment:

“I will always appreciate the joy of being able to share the last day with you, somehow it felt like a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, without knowing it was our farewell,” “Ile was an incredible human being and an excellent athlete , Team cheer “We are saddened by your passing and will miss you greatly.”

The medical faculty community has shown its disappointment (Photo: Clipping)
The medical faculty community has shown its disappointment (Photo: Clipping)

On the other hand, Ileana’s mother released a message expressing her gratitude and explained the reason for her sudden death.

“The person writing this message is a mother with a broken heart and soul. This is to thank the entire UNA community; On behalf of our family, our support and solidarity for the loss of our beloved daughter. Thank you to your friends who joined us. Our princess lost her life on Friday, January 12, 2024 at the age of 18 due to a sudden brain aneurysm. But it fills our souls to see the signs of affection and love left to us by all you children of the UNAM community, as well as to the dear teachers, their cheers and applause.”

“My little daughter was now extremely happy from heaven, because her dream was to enter the respectable faculty of UNAM and she left happy. Thank you all very much,” more than 200 people have reacted to this message.

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