Unicaja Banking Foundation’s Fundalogy supports startup Freedom & Flow to improve workplace well-being

Málaga, February 22 (Europa Press) –

Fundology supports startup Freedom & Flow to improve workplace well-being and employee health. In order to promote innovative and socially useful projects, the Company of the Unicaja Banking Foundation supports this Ciudad Real project which has developed the Healthy Box web tool that helps to evaluate and optimize the health of workers and implement healthy habits in a personalized way. Allows to do this, which increases the satisfaction of the template. ,

General Director of Fundology, Javier De Pro, and CEO of Freedom & Flow, with a PhD in Medicine, Beatriz Crespo, have signed an agreement to financially support this pioneering project, which aims to enhance corporate well-being, harness talent To attract and retain. and create a more attractive and healthy work environment, according to a press release from the Unicaja Banking Foundation.

With this initiative, Fundalogy reaffirms its commitment to technology-based entrepreneurship through the support of projects aligned with its values ​​that result in improving the economy of the business community and the quality of life of citizens.

Startup Freedom & Flow has developed the Healthy Box web platform that includes three diagnostic tools that optimize companies’ management of workplace wellness.

The first tool offers a digital wellness coaching experience that helps the worker learn what habits are healthy for their lifestyle and let the company know what they need. The second is a tool that digitalizes the entire value proposition that companies are offering to employees so that it can be compared with the best companies to work for and align workers with the investments they make in their well-being. Is.

The third tool helps the company to automatically analyze the causes that generate absence from work and increase psychosocial risks to know what impact the lack of well-being has on the company’s productivity and its sustainability .

With these diagnostics and thanks to the data, companies can measure returns and analyze their strengths and weaknesses in terms of well-being and health to personalize the value proposition offered to the employee, fostering better workplaces. Can create personalized giving guides. , productive and sustainable. Thus, the worker will have a digital passport of healthy habits and a personalized action plan based on micro habits that is easy to carry out on a daily basis with the aim of increasing their commitment to health and self-care.

In addition, the software makes it possible for companies to know why employees are leaving, what they need to retain them or how many working days they could lose if they do not invest in occupational health in a sustainable and personalized way. .

Freedom & Flow was born in Ciudad Real in 2014 with the vision of becoming the reference company in Wellbeing Intelligence. To achieve this, this startup creates intelligent corporate wellness solutions based on data, making it easier for companies to implement corporate wellness programs and plans that are perceived as a high-value proposition by employees.

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