United States saves its ticket to the Nations League final

Football is full of big shockers. One of the most famous is the ‘Miracle of Bern’. A new miracle was witnessed in Dallas. Corey Burke’s own goal in the last 90 minutes of play gave the United States a lifeline before Haji Wright scored in extra time and kept the Stars and Stripes’ reign alive.

At the very beginning of the game, The United States were surprised by a throw-in that was brushed aside before Greg Leigh could head the ball. And thus open the scoreboard to the disbelief of the fans.

Players led by Greg Berhalter were ousted, and they tried to respond, but they were having one of those days that feels like a nightmare. Pulisic, disconnected, Balogun was a ghost in attack, and the first half disappeared with the advantage for the Caribbean.

The best opportunity for Stars and Stripes country came from the feet of Malik Tillman. PSV appeared inside the area to try to define the attacker, but his shot was too weak into the hands of Andre Blake.

a miracle

However Berhalter tried to straighten the course with variants, and He sent Gio Reyna, Ricardo Pepi and Brandon Aaronson onto the field, unable to understand the wall that Heimir Hallgrimsson had built for him.Apart from the fact that he was short of ideas this Thursday.

Jamaica came close to scoring the second goal on two occasions. First of all, in the 62nd minute, Michael Cephus was seen hitting the ball with speed to Chris Richards, but when he reached the area, he sent an easy shot into the hands of Matt Turner.

The saying holds true that a missed goal is an away goal. Hallgrímsson would later have to pay a heavy price for this, Who had the opportunity to finish through Casey Palmer, who sent his shot into the clouds in front of goal.

Despite the lack of reaction from the Americans, a corner kick appeared to be a miracle. Antoine Robinson deflected the ball and then Corey Burke sent the ball into the net To the equalizer that kept the United States alive.

Already in extra time, Berhalter’s team proceeded with the same rhythm with which they finished They got their second goal through Hadji Wright, who did well inside the area to beat Andre Blake.

With the Caribbean on canvas, Wright reappeared inside the area after excellent service from Gio Reyna. Who, despite not being able to score, once again demonstrated his ability in the Berhalter box and raised his hand to play in the final.

United States will seek three Concacaf Nations League championships Next Sunday, March 24, they will have to face the winner of Mexico or Panama, with the players led by Jaime Lozano starting as favourites.

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